Uti Nwachukwu, Joy Idoko To Host Gupa Guide Challenge Season 2

Uti Nwachukwu, Joy Idoko To Host Gupa Guide Challenge Season 2


Following the successful outing of the first edition, GUPA (Guests & Passengers) Network has announced the commencement of GUPA Guide Challenge Season 2, the first ever digital travel contest in Africa. Tagged ‘Rediscovery’ with a cash prize of N2 million for the winner, Season 2 promises to be bigger, better and more rewarding for all the contestants. 


This challenge is one of GUPA Network’s post-pandemic future of work strategies deployed after the local and global effects of Covid-19 to help lessen the unemployment situation and engage with the travel industry and its related sectors. GUPA launched the challenge to rediscover who we are as a people, to foster unity by highlighting how our differences make us who we uniquely are and that we should embrace it as part of our strength as a people of same nation, Nigeria. 


‘GUPA Guide Challenge’ Season 2 presents unique opportunities for all Nigerian travel and tourism enthusiasts to earn while also promoting the tourism potentials of their respective states. The submission of entries already commenced in July and will end by September 30th, 2022. Entries are sent in via a minute video on Instagram tagging @Gupanetwork. The contestant’s name, age and the state he or she wishes to represent including why they should be selected must be included in the post. GUPA would later verify all entrants to select the most promising contestants to participate in the challenge. 


The challenge will run for a period of six weeks, between November 6, 2022 and December 18, 2022 as this will give the contestants more time to develop their weekly tasks. Tasks will be centered each week on travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment in each of the states represented and contestants will also be given weekly stipends to support their task creations. This is also one of GUPA’s strategies to scout talents and create job opportunities for Nigerians. Already, the winner and runners up from Season 1 have been engaged in creating travel centered content for GUPA Network. 

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To also mark the launch of the Season 2 Challenge, GUPA Network has re-introduced a series called ‘Gupa Reasons To’, a platform to ‘share and earn’ which gives content creators the opportunity to share their original destination contents in Nigeria and earn from it. This initiative is also one of GUPA Network’s post-pandemic ‘future of work’ programmes designed to help discover potential tourism destinations in Nigeria for people to visit, create jobs for the youth and those with a growing interest in the travel & creative industries. 


Like other countries generating income through tourism, Nigeria is also blessed with immense tourism potentials and a lot of travel & tourism information is at the back burner as the country has not been able to project her potentials and resources. Through this challenge, GUPA is testing how much knowledge of the country the contestants have and at the same time showcasing them, fostering unity, knowledge, development, global relevance including job creation. 


To host the Season 2 Challenge, GUPA Network has announced popular talk show host cum actor, Uti Nwachukwu and versatile movie producer, life coach and published author, Joy Idoko as the hosts. There will also be guest Judges throughout the duration of Season 2 to help judge the contents and creativities of the contestants’ tasks. GUPA Network is currently working on launching the Gupa Guide Challenge for Africa which is scheduled to hold by the first quarter of 2023 and this will be followed by the first ever Global Challenge by the last quarter of 2023. Dates and more information for both editions will be announced at appropriate times. 

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The GUPA Network exists as an interactive portal and an all-encompassing digital platform that allows travellers to directly access and connect with ease to global travel products including the services of travel service providers (TSPs) in multi – related sectors.  As an open medium, GUPA relies on verified user generated contents via public posts and avenues to rate & review service providers and to also interact socially.

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