“The dragees and dragers, go take your medicine. The song was boring” — Pastor Tobi Adegboyega replies those criticising him for telling his choristers that their song was boring him to death (video)

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has called out those who dragged him for interrupting his choristers while telling them their song was “boring him to death”.


Earlier this week, a video went viral showing the UK-based Nigerian pastor stopping his choristers while they were singing. He then told them that their song was boring. (see here).


The pastor received backlash because of the video, but he is not backing down.


Responding to his critics, the pastor insisted that the song was boring.


He then told the Nigerians criticising him to go and take their “medicine”. He told them that they are dragging their “predecessors” not him.


He also took aim at ”jobless Nigerians” who have time to criticise him.


Watch his response in the video below…


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