Knights fans must stop abusing players online

It seems to be an endless cycle with football fans: the team wins, then everyone loves them and when they lose, everyone bashes them. I do understand because the team’s result does adapt to the fans, the team win and the fans win.

However, this is more than just about the results on the football field.

Since the incident with Kalyn Ponga and Kurt Mann, most Knights fans have been going crazy with their theories of what happened. When I first heard of the incident, I chose my path and I stand by it. Simply put, I wasn’t there and I didn’t see anything, it’s none of my business.

I have seen nothing but horrendous online bashing against them and some of the most insane theories of what happened. Let’s be realistic: unless you were there and saw with your own eyes what happened, mind your damn business and stay the bloody hell out of it.

I love social media, I use it a lot, but it has given people the false idea they have the power to be disrespectful to others and not get punched in the face for it.

We Newcastle fans are truly the most passionate and loyal fans in the competition, which I’m proud of but sometimes, some take it way too far.

I have seen some people who talk about how a player isn’t good enough for first grade, I have told a few people to do better and I love the usual response of “it’s not my profession”. Well, if you’re not on the coaching staff or the board, it’s not your profession to know who’s good enough to be our coach or player for our team.

Same goes if you’ve never played in the NRL.

I’m not saying all fans need to refrain from criticising the players. I’m all for constructive criticism, that if anything shows support to the player and can motivate them. If you’re going to be an online bully, then that says more about you than it does then.

Kalyn Ponga in action for Newcastle Knights

(Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images)

Give the players the constructive criticism they need, not the Gordon Ramsay wannabe bullcrap.

I know a quote from Jürgen Klopp: “If you’re sending these messages (online abuse), while claiming to be a Liverpool supporter, be it to our players or an opponent, you’re not welcome to our club or in our sport. If you’ve got hate in your heart and in your head, you can walk alone because you don’t walk with us.”

This has to be one of the most powerful things I’ve ever read in my life. What I find so powerful is it gives you a message to clear your mind from hate. I don’t hate people, I don’t regret anything because it’s a waste of my time. Believe me, it feels phenomenal.

Our season has been a disaster and it’s definitely one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Peter Parr coming to the club has been a valuable addition and his role is to make changes for us. Give the man some time, he’s not just going to click his fingers and fix everything.

I love being a Knights supporter, I love watching my team play and I love watching them win more. Some of the nicest people I have met are Knights fans and through Knights groups.

This is a message for the fans to simply stop hating on the players. I know some will laugh at me and personally, I really don’t care if they do. Supporters look out for each other.

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