Kansas City Pastor apologises for calling his members “broke” because they didn’t buy him an expensive Movado watch (video)

Kansas City Pastor apologises for calling his members

The Kansas City pastor who called out his members for not buying him the Movado watch he requested, has apologised.


Pastor Carlton Funderburke, while delivering a sermon tagged “taking care of God’s shepherd”, had called his congregation “poor, broke, busted, and disgusted” after they still hadn’t bought him an expensive Movado watch since he first asked for it last year. 


He told his members in the video: “I’m not worth your McDonald’s money? I’m not worth your Red Lobster money? I ain’t worth your St. John Knits – y’all can’t afford it no how.”


The pastor of Church at the Well continued: “I ain’t worth your Louis Vuitton? I ain’t worth your Prada? I’m not worth your Gucci?”


He went on: “Ooh, you can buy a Movado [watch] at Sam’s [Club] and you know I asked for one last year. And here it is all the way in August and I still ain’t got it. 


“Let me kick down the door and talk to my cheap sons and daughters.”


After he received heat for the video, he released an apology.


He explained that his statement to his members had a context but he acknowledged that no context would ever excuse what he said.


“Therefore, I offer this sincere apology to you today,” the pastor said as he read from a script. 


“No context could erase the words I used. I apologize to all the people that have been hurt or angered or anyway damaged by my words.”


He further went on to apologize to his congregation and to all other pastors who will be scrutinized for his actions. 


Watch the apology video below.


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