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In a typical one man’s meat another’s poison, a woman who is dating a man 29 years her senior has been targeted by trolls because her boyfriend is “old enough to be her dad”.

Natalie Noble, 21, and Bobby Lindsey, 50, from Kentucky, US, first met in 2015 when he was her tennis coach and dad to one of the girls on her team.

The relationship was said to be platonic at first until they couldn’t deny they had feelings for each other.

But since they went public with their relationship on TikTok, the couple has become a target for trolls who claim they look more like father and daughter because of the massive age gap between them.

One wrote: “I thought this was a dad and daughter.”

Another commented: “What a nice dad and daughter combo lol.”

A third added: “OMG he could be your dad.”

However, the pair aren’t just facing criticism from strangers online, as Natalie’s family weren’t thrilled by the relationship either.

Her mum allegedly spoke to Bobby and accused him of “taking her youth” and told him he had a week to tell her father about it or she would do it herself.

Natalie Noble, 21, and Bobby Lindsey, 50 hooked

Natalie’s dad was furious about it and demanded that she go to therapy to “fix things”.

But the pair are still together and the family have had to “tolerate it” because it makes their daughter happy.

Natalie has since hit back at trolls for shaming their age difference in a separate video, writing: “I’m 21 and fully capable of making my own decisions. We are just LIVING our life.”

The news comes after a couple with a 35-year age gap has hit back at the trolls and opened up to show their blossoming relationship on social media.

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Brightnye Quayle, 22, met her 57-year-old boyfriend, James, on a night out at a casino and the two have been dating for 14 months now.

The young model and diving instructor, from New Zealand, said she was always mistaken for James’ daughter and some viewers accused her of only getting into the relationship “for the money”.



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