Conte and I have settled our differences, just laughed about bust-up now – Tuchel – Sporting Life

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel says he’s happy to laugh off his clash with Tottenham rival Antonio Conte last Sunday.

Both managers were sent off after the final whistle for the bust-up following the 2-2 draw.

Tuchel said today: “Of course, we laugh. It is very important to laugh about ourselves. I was laughing in the dressing room. It was the heat of the match, for me, still not that bad. A handshake and too long, too heavy. I admit it. No harm was done.

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“He’s from my side. He spoke Italian to me so I never know. We didn’t insult each other. I think the thing would have ended if there were not 20 people around us that make the thing look much worse than it was. You are right. If you have a reaction like this, you need to live with the reaction.

“Of course, I laughed about myself. I saw quite some (compilations). Everybody makes fun of me in the building as you can imagine but it’s ok.

“I think it was passion between two men who fought for their team. It was not more. I hope they don’t make more out of it. Of course in the context, a hair pulling two minutes before.

“It’s not that big of a deal, for me. It was about passion and nothing more. He was fighting for his team, I was fighting for my team. As you hopefully felt before we played Tottenham last season with Conte, and now, I have nothing but biggest respect for him and this will not change because of that incident.”

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