Bovi brings premium humour to the Kitchen as he joins Laura Ikeji-Kanu to make Chinese fried rice and fried chicken


Bovi sense of humour was the perfect complement to Laura Ikeji-Kanu’s energy in the latest episode of Laura’s Kitchen.


In episode 8 of the cooking show, the host and guest made Chinese fried rice and fried chicken dipped in Gino tomato sauce, with Bovi showing his impressive knowledge of what goes on in the kitchen.




Fried Rice originated from China during the Sui Dynasty and is derived from Chinese Fried Rice.


Fried rice and Chicken is a continental dish enjoyed by many Nigerians and it’s a prominent addition to Nigerian parties.


Laura’s Kitchen is brought to you by Linda Ikeji TV and sponsored by Gino and Bama Mayonnaise.


Watch episode 8 in the video below.



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